未开课时,Dickson 向我借镜子来照~哈哈...考虑挺久该不该拍的~所以有点蒙~

炎热的一天。无心上着 PA 专心看着 Account。一个小时过了,小考试来了————Account




下课后,大家特别懒散~做了一题 MUET listening。大家都好累想睡觉~于是老师就给我们一个活动玩~就是自创一个故事~每个人给一段句子来形成故事。当场~所有人都精神了~哈哈 先从我开始的~

cheryl: Once upon a time, there was a pretty dog n a cute bear,they went to the nearest town to find a job.

ann: They went to the town to find job because they wanted to earn money.

jiayi: On the way to the town, they saw a ugly duckling sitting aside the lake sadly.

aziema: They sat and bry together.

Swarnna: They went to the wonderland and let Alice. Alice taught the dog how to bark, taught the bear how to growl, n the duck how to quek.

steph: They learned it for 3 months. They walk to the other town n met fang yuan, the Cinderella there.

waynee: Cinderella brought them to the jungle n met Dickson, the tarzan.

fang wei: Dickson felt hungry n killed the ugly duck and baked it to eat. Cinderella felt sad n angry. She planned to kill the tarzan.

fang yuan: The pretty dog n the cute bear fought for Cinderella because both of them fall in love wif Cinderella. Unfortunately, the pretty dog dead.

bi hui: Then Prince Gary appeared. The tarzan n Prince Gary fought for Cinderella. Tarzan died.

chui ting: Prince Gary won the fight. Prince Gary n Cinderella married.

Edward: Prince Gary n Cinderella quarrel a lot. Suddenly Mother Theresa came out n solved the problem between Prince Gary n Cinderella. Prince start to fall in love wif Mother Theresa. He think tat Mother Theresa is the better choice.

Gary: Cinderella killed the Prince Gary n Mother Theresa because she envy them.

Jin Ann: At the same time, the cute bear commit suicide because Prince Gary was dead. The bear n Prince Gary r the best fren. But Mother Theresa did not dead yet n she met wif another tarzan named kah wei.

Jian How: Cinderella killed Tarzan Kah Wei because she envy Mother Theresa.

Kah Wei: Mother Theresa was so angry, suddenly she slapped Cinderella. Then Cinderella vomit blood n died.

Dickson: Mother Theresa very sad. She go to St. Mary Church to be a priest. The good Mother Theresa is BORN!!! God bless you all.

Dickson u end wif a lame BAD!!!



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