2day~i went gaMbAng wATer pARk again~~~

this time wif jz few fren go ny~cuz some of them busy n not in~n bcuz qing baobei n her fren come~so we bring them to water park~cuz...ktn really nothing can play~we hv dinner at zaman n meet my badminton fren who going to genting wif family n met my sch teacher Pn. Kathy~ opsss~haha...

n at last~ i got take pic of gambang water park~hehe

gambang (2).JPG

this pic is take when i wan to buy roti ice cream~haha....

then...qing n her bao bei shopping at the souvenir shop 4 a long time~

gambang (3)-tile.jpg

whiLE waiting theM! i had took so many pic...still got~at facebook~

then the single gals~went to TC hv our lunch~n hv a walk at there...

tc noon (10).jpg

then we climb the rocks n take pic~

tc noon (7).jpg

dark face is better  than saw our face~haha

saya (1).JPG

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