Actually every sunday i used to go badminton training....but 2day i skipped it n went to the KARE 4th Annual Charity Open day...due to becuz im a st. johner, n st john was took part in almost all the lower 6 st john went for help this charity....

Wake up early in the morning....n went there to help prepare...actually im not doing much thing, cuz im the photographer...haha....jz keep taking pic only~


this year, held at mini zoo~


slowly this place was full of ppl n pets~


the program of the day~


waiting for the beauty contest~


husky~~~my beloved!!


it looking at its master~so cute!



sausage dog~~


laughing dog~


golden retriever n deer dog~


cute puppy~~


father n son mayb?

Too bad suddenly rain....although jz a small rain, but i think few owner n pets went back home dy....

aiks...monsoon coming~~~

they fast forward all the activities...n end up early abit...i think early half hour....haha...

while we r rest in the cat canopy, suddenly we heard some 1 screaming....n is getting louder n louder....all of us tot tat some1 get bite by a dog....but jz a big dog bitting the small dog only....

the big dog owner use a chair n swing on his pet dog...only the big dog let go of the small dog...

actually the small dog did not hurt much, is jz the big dog wanna play wif the small dog the big dog pick up the small dog n the owner get shock....n scream like......Hell~

after tat, everything end...i din stay back to clean all things..then i went to hoi yin for lunch.....

went back home n hv a good nap....then went to TC met wif my badminton club gang n having football~~ is fun..

bcuz there too many ppl end up some of us look like a spectator in live in the game more then we look like a player...haha....

but end up my team lose..even though my coach came into our team to help us..haha.....but least is fun n we enjoy it!!

nite went ot jj kimbab wif family n hv a bulgogi as dinner~~yahoo!! 

at there met my tuition teacher....haha...somemore her mother is very "sok" wif my

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