Base on 2day i having Muet my blog will be write in english~haha

some1 told me tat nid to be at sch before 7...n ofcuz...i wake up early then other days went to sch,end up wif waiting half hour there n doing nothing jz to wait the time past n went up to hv our Muet Test!! waste my sleeping time T.T

1st, is reading.....aiks...question 1 to 7 totally confuse me!! hate till half way my mind went to other places n cant focus on the paper...the essay is too long n not interesting!! ish~!! after finish all tot wanna hv some nap, but fail...

then, we hv duno how many min break, im freaking hungry...saw everyone bring their food but i dont hv...HUNGRY!!! then end up wif hungriness n went for the writting test.....haiz....wat a sad question when i read on the quetion no.2...ARRANGE MARRIAGE!! The choice of a husband n wife is made by parents or elders.Wat do u think about this practice in today's society?  WOW!!!! im totally.......SPEECHLESS!!!

wishing time past faster during writing, then quickly went down to toilet n went to canteen to cure my stomach!! yummy~~

having the last paper, listening....rushing back to class as fast as i can everyone is waiting for us...ish~~sorry all~ quickly look at the question paper, quickly read the question n waited to radio to start.....

quite satisfied wif my listening...but other.....i duno.....mayb is bad...jz wish i can get above band 2~^^

then nothing special about 2day, went badminton n tuition n end up writing blog here...

oh yea~~now i crazily watching my gf is gumiho~~ is a nice korea least is funny n diff then others....i totally laugh out loud each time the cantonese song came out n wat the action tat do by the actor n really funny!!



tat all~~bye bye~~ciao~!

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