during new year,my parents had plan to chiang mai 4 new year~

so..on saturday we left ktn to kl n met my dad old frens at kl n having dinner wif him n his family...then we stay at my bro place 4 half nite bcuz the next day early in the morning nid to wake up at 3.00am went to the airport at 5.00am....n the flight is 6.55am...is quite rush 4 us.....T.T n very tired....

thank god this time the air asia air stewardess r pretty~n did not delay the flight~

arrived chiang mai airport we found our own tourist guide~then he bring us to temple...n many places...

lazy say about it~ :P so jz upload some photo here~

cm (2).JPG

the temple made from GOLD~

cm (19).JPG pretty place~

cm (60).JPG ride the elephant~

cm (75).JPG the cow cart we sit~

cm (88).JPG rakit~

argh...lazY uploAd here dy..wait pic at facebook~


the weather there is very good~i miss so much~


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